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VIP escort agency Madelle International is one of the most exclusive escort agencies in the world! Our international vip escort services are intended for the exclusive clientele of international multi-millionaires, billionaires and the VIP’s alike who are seeking quality companionship with the top exclusive VIP model escorts, international supermodels and celebrity escorts. Madelle International is the perfect escape from the ordinary and experience the extraordinary! For many years our experienced management team has specialized in carefully selecting and representing only the world’s most exclusive VIP escorts that include professional photo models, supermodels and even celebrity escorts.

At our VIP escort agency you can find the worlds most exclusive escort models..

When booking an exclusive escort model through our international VIP escort agency you can be sure to have the best escort girls & VIP companions that you can find in the escort industry. NOTE: we do not accept last-minute calls and bookings shorter then 2 hours. Our exclusive escort girls are international photo models, mannequins, tv stars and other professionals with a busy daily life and they are not available for escort every day. Please contact us at least 6 to 12 hours in advance in order to make a booking with one of our exclusive escort models. We do not offer escort services in France!

Feel free to discover more about our international VIP escort agency and our exclusive VIP escort models by reading all the information on this website. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Sebastien Van Laar – your contact person when searching for the most exclusive escort models in the world!

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At our VIP escort agency we select only the best escorts to be your date…

Why booking through our international VIP escort agency?

We are highly rated by our high-standard clientele. Our management team is trained and focused on ensuring that you receive the best attention from us and our exclusive VIP supermodel escorts. At our exclusive VIP escort agency, all the VIP escort models and celebrity escorts are selected as a ‘perfect package’ combining good looks and personality. Also, all the model escorts represented by our exclusive VIP escort agency have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

At our VIP escort agency your privacy is our priority…

At Madelle International the privacy of our clients AND our exclusive VIP supermodel escorts is a top priority. The digital world is a vulnerable place making it an easy target for hackers. For this reason, most of our VIP escort models are not published on our website. Instead, we have a private escort models gallery that is only made available to our members. The private gallery is protected through login and password requirement. We kindly invite you to apply if you would like to become a member. Please notice that we are not able to provide you with a “temporary” access.

Last but not least, at our exclusive VIP escort agency we take time to get to know our ‘repeat clients’. We learn their preferences to accommodate their needs and match them with the perfect escort model/ VIP companion. We strive to make our clients experience exciting and unforgettable.

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