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Luxury escorts agency Madelle International is one of the most exclusive escort agencies in the world. Madelle International is managed by Sebastien Van Laar, founder and manager of several elite escort agencies. At the age of 23 Sebastien started his first escort agency but soon he found out that he doesn’t want to be just a number on the internet. He wanted to be different and for this reason he focussed on managing only high-end escort girls such as professional photo models and mannequins. 12 years later he decided to break all the limits and to create one of the most exclusive escort agencies in the world: Madelle International.

What is so special about luxury escorts agency Madelle International?

At our luxury escort agency Madelle International we specialize in selecting and collaborating only with the most beautiful and most exclusive VIP escort models, international supermodels and celebrity escorts. Nowadays there are so many (new) escort agencies claiming that they are a luxury escorts agency working with professional photo models, BUT for Sebastien a model who has been one time on the cover of a magazine such as Playboy is not a “professional photo model”! Every beautiful woman with good contacts is able to become a Playboy model nowadays.

Sebastien is a perfectionist and he has a good eye for details. We meet all the escort models in person before starting a collaboration with them. During our meeting Sebastien pays a lot of attention to details such as attitude, beauty, intellectual skills, clothing style, language skills, etc. We are not looking for women who are only beautiful and sexy…we are looking for women with a great attitude, natural beauty with a sweet personality, a woman that knows how to talk to a man in order to make him feel good and special, a woman who has class and style, a woman that makes you forget that you have paid for her time, a woman who could be your future girlfriend…we look for women who are close to the absolute perfection, because we are aware of our clients high standards!

We receive often ladies who claim to be actresses, but when we check their background we soon find out that they only did some tv commercials. To Sebastien this is not a “celebrity escort”. To our luxury escorts agency a “celebrity escort” means a woman who is world famous!

For privacy reasons most profiles are only visible in private gallery…

The escort models presented at our luxury escorts agency are extremely busy with their career and therefore we advise to make a reservation at least 1 to 3 days in advance. Also for privacy reasons we do not present our VIP escort models in the public gallery. All the photos are protected by a login and password and access to private gallery is reserved for members only. In order to have access, please apply for a membership. Notice that we are very strict when it comes to the privacy of our clients AND our escort models. Therefore we are not able to provide you with a “temporary” access to the private gallery!

All our exclusive escort models have passed a strict qualification process to ensure reliability and discretion. All models have signed a non-disclosure agreement, agreeing to rules and regulations per our escort agency’s standards. Equally, we ask our clients to respect the privacy of our VIP escort models.

More information you can read at our FAQ page or you can contact us if you require any further information.